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New Hope Waves Limited is a local non-profit organization working among children, youth and their communities based in Livingstone, Zambia, Africa, which was initiated to create hope and the future in the lives of young people and their families around the communities in Zambia.

New Hope Waves Limited is a Company Limited by Guarantee with a non-profit legal status (NGO) which is registered with PACRA in Zambia and its Legal Company Registration No. 128916


New Hope and the Future for young people in Zambia


Change young people to Change the Future of Africa

The Mission Statement

Empowering children, youth and their families with skills, knowledge, educational and talent enhancement opportunities for the upliftment of the community through improved living conditions for a hopeful future and protecting the environment.

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Our target age groups are in two categories one; for children are from 7-14 years and for youth from 15-35 years who make up 70% of Zambia.

Objectives and Functions

  • To recruit, transform, educate and empower youth with socio-economical skills

  • To empower young people to get involved in social, environmental and developmental issues that are affected to communities such as poverty, unemployment, poor food security and poor environmental care through income generating activities such as organic farming, poultry, leadership training, energy saving ventures and other efforts to mitigate effects of the environmental hazards.

  • To engage the young people in Sport activities and providing life skills trainings in behavior shaping character and talent development.

  • To uphold the right of all, without discrimination, to a natural and social environment supportive of human dignity boldly health, and spiritual wellbeing with special attention to rights of indigenous people and minorities

  • To build a shelter as a hostel and community training center for the Orphaned and Vulnerable Children (OVCs) and Youth (Young Adults) from all kinds of background to better lives.

  • To involve youth people living with HIV and AIDS and Disabilities in our programming.

  • Provide to young people with friendly community counseling and medical services to urban and with more emphasis on the children in rural areas.

  • To provide technological training and opportunities that will better lives through ICT

  • To organize training workshops, seminars, study tours, sporting and recreational activities and other related opportunities to provide information, education and communication activities in our holistic approach on social, economical, health and environmental issues with other organizations


ICT program

Information, Communication and Technology program is working to build the digital bridge that will enable young people to have access to computers and technology to find real solutions, share and experiences that will create jobs and opportunities through computer studies.

Sport and Recreations

This is a series of activities that will assist young people to participate in sporting and recreational activities for social change and that assist young people to spend more of their time playing outdoor games such as football/soccer, volleyball, touch rugby, flyby, tennis and other more. This will keep more from harmful activities such as drugs, alcohol, illicit sexual activities and above keep them healthy and free from diseases.

OVC and Youth Scholarship Program

This is a program where young people who are orphaned and vulnerable will be given an opportunity to go to school and colleges through providing school fees, uniforms, books, clothing and other supplements such as foodstuffs, income-generating activities to sustain their lives more especially among the child-headed homes.

Public Health Workshop Trainings

There are important component for the workers and youth and other partners to share the experiences, concerns and the approaches to address these issues on Environmental, Social, HIV/AIDS and Developmental. The core principles and values to be taught and practiced by youth and adults their equal partners for an environmental, social and developmental change here in Livingstone, Zambia. They will assist us to operate within the scope and to relevant to the issues within the mission.

Building Project

This is a venture where we will build a hostel and community school for homeless, vulnerable children and orphaned children by HIV, this will assist relieve the burden that is upon the community where children have no basic needs been met such as shelter, education through scholarships to acquire food and moral support. This project will bring children from the local communities and streets from Livingstone and surrounding areas and we will building a home and community center where young people will acquire trainings in computer, gardening, carpentry, poultry and food production to empower the vulnerable young people who are without skills, training and resources to get sustain their lives but resort into crime, child prostitution, drunkenness as a hazards to the communities in Livingstone, Zambia.

Current situation

The number of children who are so desperately in need to see improved living conditions in the local communities as children are living on the streets due to families` financial constraints.

We are endeavoring to provide the educational programs both in the rural and urban areas in Zambia and create hope and future to young people.
We are more than willing to as a partners and supporters to do more through the educational programs and other activities for youths in Zambia as we work to change the poor lives on the vulnerable young people.

Young people and their needs around the communities in Zambia

We can change the local communities, schools and the lives of the co-partners in development of the world that are the adults. Our programs/activities in this involvement will create the most desired hope and the future as most of the young people will be empower to change their lives and communities. These young people are talented but despair so we need to create more opportunities, trainings and life skills to assist the young people to make a difference in their lives and the communities.

Youth can help their peers to set a difference as a youth leader, I strongly believe in the energies within the young people and I have seen the passion in them sometime without skills, so we are working to see them getting geared or empowered for social change and to improve the living conditions.

Most youths are vulnerable due to poverty heavily around them, so we need to help them to get too engaged in some activities that are constructive and to build their communities and educational programs for development of the country by fighting against Poverty and its vices through Youth Development, Leadership and Empowerment.

Youth and in the local communities of Livingstone and Zambia

Our team of youth is capable and more than willing to handle the distribution of the materials (good and services) for young people, to organize some events and to operate in any programs that we are to engaged in.

We are also interested to work with some international volunteers (young or old), organizations, project partners, capacity building etc, and to interact through cultural exchange programs to create understanding and opportunities to collaborate in all the activities/programs.

The target age group for the activities are for children from 7-14, the youth from 15 to 35 years making 75% of the 14 million, the poverty levels are 70 in the rural areas, 40 % in the urban areas and 30% of the people living in abject/ultra poverty and the most people are children who living without basic needs such as food, clean water, poor and no access to health facilities and schools both in rural and urban areas.


Supporting material tools

Educational materials such as computers, books, teaching aids, shoes and clothing for children in need to improve their livelihood and to better the future of these impoverished communities around Zambia.

Transportation Vehicle (USV)

To support for the implementing teams, mobility of children for sports and recreations and distribution for goods and services purpose, so we need transport, to use our administrative and field work around our catchment areas.


Is the needed to sustain our activities, projects and programs among young people, we are currently looking for funding to assist in the running of the programs, you can donate will assist us more to help us to relieve the suffering among the local community of young people. You can send the money via the Organization bank account below or you can send money through Western Union (International Money Transfer) and other wire transfer services thanks for your assistance or sponsorship that will help young people to live better their lives and to make a difference in their lives, this is assistance will show that love you have for the poor young people in Zambia; see the change with us now!!!


If you have any questions nor want to get involved, please contact us and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.


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